Internet Era Portraits

Despite the distance (London - Bozen, that's 1.350 km) I was able to give some portraits as Christmas present. Thank you Skype (and webcam)!


Octopus Apocalypse vol. 2

After almost three years, the nasty Octopus is back, stronger and more pissed than ever!



It's just a sheep doodle. I'm missing my beautiful mountains.


What a bad day!

Everyone has a bad day; this is how I get it off my chest.


New online portfolio

I created a new online page with my works, just because this blog is too messy to be used as a good lookin' portfolio...
I find the new one very clean and simple, easy to use and handy to choose the desired categories.

Click here to visit my new website.



The power of music

An illustration inspired by the wonderful music of Yma Sumac


The princess and the frog

My 5 illustrations for the Bologna Children Book Fair 2010... Just come back from the Milan collective exhibition "Once upon a dream".



Two years ago Santa Claus gave me this cute Munny... finally I found the time to turn it into a rude bad junky punk! That's my guy!



That's the result of the collaboration with the german artist Danny Heartrocker. 

 I made this beautiful lady...
Acrylics on canvans, 20x20 cm.


Ruggine #3 is out

Ruggine #3 is finally out!
Check the photo of my published drawing... with a rainy South Tyrol's sunset!

You can support Ruggine clicking here!



Def: Tensione fisica, psichica e nervosa che si manifesta nell'organismo, in forme più o meno gravi, come risposta patologica agli stimoli negativi dell'ambiente


Social idiot

A work in progress featuring the german artist Danny Heartrocker.


Once upon a dream

A new group exhibition, my first time in Milan, from 20th April to 10th May 2011!

More info here ...


Silvicius on InPrint Magazine

Dal 12 marzo è possibile scaricare da qui il primo numero di InPrint, un' on-line magazine ideata dal designer californiano Elodesigner.
Tra gli illustratori pubblicati ci sono anch'io, seppure col nome scritto in modo sbagliato...

From Saturday, 12 March you can download here the first issue of InPrint Magazine, a bi-monthly online project created by the american graphic designer Elodesign.
I've got the fortune to be part of the first illustrators published inside.

More info on http://inprint-mag.elodesigns.com/